fibreglass pool and patio


Synergy’s fibreglass pools are in a league of their own, constructed in a state of the art facility in Western Australia. As a dealer of Australia’s leading Aqua Technics line of swimming pools, our clients have peace of mind knowing that their new pool is engineered and built above industry standards, resulting in a pool that is up to 20% stronger that its competitors. We place so much trust in its quality, that we gave it our industry leading, Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty, surpassing those provided by the standard SPASA contract.

Our pools are fitted with a smooth surface complete with Anti-Microbial technology that eliminates the potential for algae growth, ensuring your pool is in prime condition whilst reducing maintenance.

Additionally, the surface of the pool is covered by our Colour Guard® Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* giving you confidence that your new feature will never fade or discolour.

With a wide range of stylish, modern geometric designs, colours and sizes, you will be sure to find a pool that will complement your home and serve the unique needs of your family.

Fiberglass pools are also kind to the environment – coupled with leading edge filtration equipment creates low operating costs and a long lifespan. That is sure to keep your family and wallet satisfied for many seasons to come!

*Conditions Apply

fibreglass pool and patio

Service Process (2 – 4 weeks)

  1. Design
  2. Approval
  3. Site Preparation
  4. Excavation
  5. Hole Preparation
  6. Installation
  7. Pool Filled & Backfilled
  8. Concrete Edging
  9. Concrete Coping
  10. Fencing & Landscaping
  11. Begin Filtration
  12. Maintenance Information
  13. Party Time!

Once designs are approved and selections are made by you, we take care of the rest! The final design will be sent off to engineering, and council approval is sought as quickly as possible – this phase generally takes between 1 & 2 weeks. When approval is finalised, construction on your new pool can begin!

We work to best prepare the yard by removing shrubs, tree branches and pavers, before pegging out the area for excavation. We have perfected our excavation process over many years, and we work to minimise disruption by removing excess soil from the site along the way. The base of the hole is then prepared by carefully screeding sand, which is done to level the pool to accommodate for surrounding ground movement over time. Your new pool will then arrive on a trailer with all lights and half of its plumbing installed. It will then be positioned by a crane that is especially chosen to cater for your home’s dimensions.

Inground Fibreglass Pools Adelaide
fibreglass and waterfall

Once we are satisfied with the pool’s position, we will begin the filling process. As it is filled, it will also be backfilled using a specialised sand mixed with cement. The sand is watered in, activating the cement to create a hard-compact surround. While backfilling occurs, the remaining plumbing will be installed.

The day following filling, we will install a concrete edge beam that will be poured around the pool edge, and tied into the fibreglass structure with steel, locking the pool permanently in place. Just one day later, we will apply coping to the edge beam, completing your pool installation!

Once a fence is installed and landscaping taken care of, we will start up the filtration system to ensure your pool is clean, clear, and safe to swim in! We will then provide you with all information and material, to ensure you are equipped with the most effective care and maintenance methods.

And VOILA! Just like that your pool is ready to be enjoyed. Please feel free to contact us at any time for help, advice, or maintenance assistance!


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