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Not only do our concrete pools add value to your home; they also add value to your lifestyle. Our concrete pools can be custom built to meet every customer’s requirements, based on family size, yard area, desired depth, and budget. With experience in design and pride in making your pool functional, Synergy will construct or renovate a pool to cater to your exact needs and style preferences. Through utilising high quality local suppliers, we take the best in eco technology and put it into a package for you to enjoy. Our pools are designed perfectly for your home, and are guaranteed to last.

Concrete pools are incredibly versatile and durable – although the initial outlay may be more, you are getting something that is completely unique and 100% suited to your needs. It is concrete’s flexibility in design and its versatility as material that gives a truly bespoke and unique feature piece for your home.

Service Process (12 – 14 weeks)

  1. Design
  2. Approval
  3. Site Preparation
  4. Excavation
  5. Installation
  6. Concreting
  7. Curing
  8. Coping
  9. Waterproofing & Tiling
  10. Fencing & Landscaping
  11. Pool Filled
  12. Begin Filtration
  13. Maintenance Information
  14. Party Time!

Once designs are approved and selections are made by you, we take care of the rest! The final design will be sent off to engineering, and council approval is sought as quickly as possible – this phase generally takes between 2 & 6 weeks. When approval is finalised, construction on your new pool can begin!

We work to best prepare the yard by removing shrubs, tree branches and pavers, before pegging out the area for excavation. We have perfected our excavation process over many years which has enabled us to minimise damage and disruption to existing properties. Once excavation is complete, we install all required in-floor plumbing to make way for reinforcing which is imperative to the structural integrity of the pool. We then install all remaining plumbing which is arguably the most important step to ensure your filtration and hydraulic systems are reaching their full potential, keeping your pool clear and free from dreaded algae.

It is now time to Shotcrete! This method allows us to spray vertical surfaces and specially shaped sections that regular concreting could not access. We then allow approximately 30 days for the resting and curing process to take effect, before coping, waterproofing and tiling is installed. Finally, filtration is installed, the pool is filled, and all maintenance information is disclosed to you!

And VOILA! Just like that your pool is ready to be enjoyed. Please feel free to contact us at any time for help, advice, or maintenance assistance!

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