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How do I know which inground pool is best for me & my family?

So you’ve decided to install an inground pool.

You’ll have many choices to make before you decide which pool you’ll go for. Synergy Pool and Spa offer the most diverse options for inground swimming pools Adelaide has on offer.

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Get A Quick Indicative Price

Inground pool prices vary depending on area, depth and the ground that has to be excavated. So, without a survey we can only give a price range.

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Benefits Of A Concrete Pool

A Huge Benefit With a Concrete Pool Is Design Flexibility

With A Concrete Pool there really is no limit to the design options and the size of your pool. You can create any shape or feature you want and you can design the perfect shape of pool to fit the space you have.

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Flexibility in Design

One of the best things about a concrete pool is that you don't have to choose from a pre made design. You can install a new swimming pool on your terms with a design that will complement design of your property.

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How To Choose The Right Pool

You really need help from a trusted and experienced pool designer to help you look at designs and options for your pool.

The position of the pool equipment - chlorinator, pump, pipework, solar and so on is also something to be considered.

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What We Do

We’re the best at what we do, and manufacture right here in Australia for better quality control! As well as taking care of your pool, we also cover all landscape developments to create a luxurious hideaway in your home.

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